How to use Moyra Supersizer stamper with movable stamper head?
Learn from our tutorial video!

The new world of stamping! Do you have too small or too long nails? Did you imagine the selected pattern in a different size? Reduce or enlarge the patterns of any stamping plate with the help of our size-changing Supersizer stamper! With the movable stamper head, it doesn’t matter how long or how wide your nails are, as you can resize your favorite pattern as you wish! The transparent stamper head helps proper positioning. For easier execution, use the slow-drying Moyra Smart Polish for Stamping with the Supersizer stamper!

Watch the free tutorial video and adjust the stamping patterns to size of your nails! 


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HU | Moyra Master kurzusunk segítségével Kun Zsuzsanna, mester szintű tudással rendelkező oktatónktól tanulhatod meg hogyan készítsd el különböző anyagokkal a legnépszerűbb körömformákat, valamint megismerhetsz különleges díszítési módokat is!

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EN | With the help of Moyra Master course, you can learn from Zsuzsanna Kun, our instructor with master-level knowledge, how to make the most popular nail shapes with different materials, as well as special decoration methods! The course includes the following parts consisting 7 separate tutorial videos each:

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Trainer - Norka (Andrea Szalay)
Andrea Szalay

International nail art educator, professional advisor

Trainer - Alexa (Alexandra Snóbl)
Alexandra Snóbl

European and multiple national champion, 2nd place in olimpic and 3rd place in world championship

Trainer - Ági (Ágnes Arany)
Ágnes Arany

Moyra product developer, instructor

Trainer - Zsuzsanna (Zsuzsanna Kun)
Zsuzsanna Kun

International nail art educator, professional advisor